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Manual  Variables search: Call from dialog area "Suggestions"

In order to perform a Variables search proceed as follows:

  1. On the tabbed page Part selection -> subpage Structure -> Catalogs, limit the search on Standards -> ISO -> Bolts

    -> In the docking window Suggestions the common variables of the selected directory level are displayed. Here, exemplarily "Variables for Bolts".

    Docking window "Suggestions" -> Variables for <Directory>Suggestionsdocking window

    Docking window "Suggestions" -> Variables for <Directory>

  2. Click on the variable D.

    -> A selection dialog with the options New search or More precise (AND) opens.

  3. Click on More precise (AND).

    -> The dialog box Variables search opens. The input field of the variable D is already selected.

  4. Enter the desired value for D, furthermore the desired value for L. Leave the mathematical operator on equals (=).

    -> The respective rows are marked with an icon .

    Alternatively the dialog box Variables search can be opened by clicking on the link or under Add search function on the button Variables search.

    [Note] Note

    Please regard that the option Current directory or Fix directory is set under Search in, otherwise the common variables are not displayed.

  5. Click on Commit.

    -> Now the method is displayed with the currently chosen parameters.

  6. You can use the variable search as only method or in combination with others. Not desired methods can either be deactivated (clear checkbox) or be deleted ). In this example we will use the variable search as only search method. Disable the Full-text search (delete is not possible at full-text search).

  7. Click on the button Start search.

    -> The search results are listed on the Search results tabbed page. At each hit, when you click on the plus sign below the part family the single parts are listed. The following figure shows 1 line, which exactly meets the query (D equals 30 and L equals 100)

    When moving the mouse over a result line, then different buttons are displayed.

  8. In the characteristic's line click on the icon Open.

    -> The view switches to the Part view.

  9. Select the Table tabbed page.

    Part view in "Table" mode

    Part view in "Table" mode

    Top left at the icon Search filter on/off you can recognize, that the characteristics have been filtered. If you want to see all characteristics, then click on the icon.