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Manual  Settings / visibility

Settings / visibility

Settings / visibility

  • Settings / visibility selection dialog

    Activate the desired option using the checkbox.

  • Thick

  • Thin

  • Dashed

  • Dash-dot

  • Threads etc.

  • Dimensioning

  • Hidden

  • Grouped

  • Cutout

  • assembly component

  • Threads etc. and the Dimensioning are highlighted in color.

  • In the Grouped mode, the respective part can at first only be opened collectively after export to your CAD system. In order to be able to address individual lines in parts or individual components in assemblies, you must dissolve the group again.

    [Note] Note

    How the grouping is affected depends on the respective CAD system and/or export mode (with or without interface).

  • assembly component :

    assembly component refers to the preferred hatching direction in assemblies. If activated, then the assembly is treated as component and all parts of the assembly are hatched in the same direction in a cut.

    The difference is especially eye-catching with bearings.

    Normally outer and inner rings are hatched reverse. If the assembly component option is activated, then they are hatched in the same direction.[96]

[96] ISO 8826-1 says, that the general, simplified depiction of bearings has to be performed with hatches in the same direction for all components with the same position number (rolling elements excluded).