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Manual Commands to adjust behavior/visibility of PARTsolutions interface menu and workbenches

In the following you can find details on how to adjust the behavior/visibility of PARTsolutions interface menu and workbenches.

Visibility and activation of menus, workbenches, buttons

Basic settings are made under $CADENAS_SETUP/ifacecommon.cfg -> Block [UI] -> especially keys starting with "MN_". Settings can be overwritten in $CADENAS_SETUP/ifcatia.cfg -> Block [UI] by a same-named key. A detailed description on how the commands in ifacecommon.cfg and ifcatia.cfg interact is found under Abschnitt, „Gestaltung von PARTsolutions Schnittstellen-Menü und -Symbolleiste“.

MN_DisplayText_50=Einfügen 3D
MN_HelpText_50=3D-Teil oder -Baugruppe aus einer Bibliothek einfügen


[Hinweis] Hinweis

As of V11 SP3 visibility and activation is effected by the same keys. This happens in the course of adapting functionality of all CAD interfaces.

ifcatia_start.cfg is not used anymore. So with V11 SP3 there is no representation for this functionality, meaning affecting the time of loading functions is not possible currently.