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4.1.1.  Add/remove single program features via installation routine

In order to post-install or remove different program features, open the installation routine.

Program features can be among others:[11]

  • Program packages such as PARTsolutions, eCATALOGsolutions or PARTstatistic

  • CAD interfaces

  • EDM/PDM/PLM interfaces

  • Catalogs

  • Classifications

Do the following:

  1. Insert the DVD.

    --> The start screen shows up.

    (Should autostart be deactivated, double-click on "start.exe" in the Windows Explorer.)

  2. Select the country.

  3. Start the desired type of installation:

    • Installation (single workstation/Client) and/or

    • Installation (Server)

  4. Close the startup screen.

  1. The installation routine begins.

    --> The dialog at the right shows up.

  2. Select Add/remove single program features.

  3. Follow the instructions of the installation.

Change or remove program

Change or remove program