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4.1. General information

  • Complete package of DVD

    Existing PARTsolutions versions are regularly worked on and shall be made available to you as quickly as possible. Such updates always make up a complete package, which, aside from the PARTsolutions software usually also contains updated catalog and CAD interface versions.

    • MAJOR updates (version) = all encompassing new versions of the CADENAS software in connection with a version change, which pertains to the first version number, for example: from 10 to 11.

      [Note] Note

      For major updates the license changes. See under Section 5.4, “ Licensing”.

    • MINOR Updates (Service Packs) = smaller program changes or revisions. The version number of a MINOR update is characterized by the Service Pack number (SPx).

  • [Important] Important

    Basically a backup of the existing installation (data, database and software) is highly recommended!

  • [Important] Important

    All adjustments made in standard vbs scripts or ini files will not be taken over during an update!

    This can then for example affect ERP adjustments, as well as the CAD interface (iface folder). No "Merging" takes place.

    Please urgently secure these scripts!

  • During installation NO users may access PARTsolutions!

    As soon as PARTsolutions is open at a workstation, the most different DLLs are accessible and can not be "touched" by the installation process.

    An error message shows up.

  • Notes on downloads and updates can be found under www.cadenas.de -> Support -> Download & Updates.

  • Concerning manuals please contact Support@cadenas.de.

  • Relation between software and index: