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4.6. Post-installation/update of classifications

During the initial installation the selection dialog for the classifications appeared in the installation routine.

  • By Alphabet: Alphabetic sorting of catalogs

  • By Categories: Classification according to categories

  • By Countries: Classification according to countries where the respective company sells products and/or has subsidiaries

  • By Functionality: Classification according to functions

  • CNS: CADENAS classification used for the CAD integration for example (placement information, published elements and attributes)

  • eClass: Standardized classification system for product groups and product attributes

    • eClass 4.1

    • eClass 5.0

    • eClass 5.1

    • eClass 6.0

    • eClass 6.1

    • eClass 6.2

    • eClass 7.0

    • eClass 7.1

    • eClass 8.0

    • eClass 8.1

    • eClass 9.0

    • eClass 9.1

  • ETIM (Electro-technical information model) 4.0: Classification designed to meet the requirements of the electrical industry

  • FSF: Classification for Railway

  • ICS (International Classification Standards): International classification system to classify all economic sectors and activities that use technical standards

  • IFC: Classification using an international open standard to describe building and construction industry data

  • IFC4

  • PARTconnection

  • Standards: Standardization system provided by CADENAS. Structured in three parts according to DIN number.

  • Standards BN

  • Standards GN

  • Standards Wuerth

  • UNSPSC: Product classification given by the United Nations. The standard shows an universal classification schema for different product groups for worldwide use.

For a post-installation, open PARTadmin -> Catalog update -> Online.

Install classifications

Install classifications

Activate the checkbox for the desired classifications and click on Download/install selected catalogs.

Details on the catalog update can be found under Section, “ Catalog update Online ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.