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4.7. Post-installation/update of manuals

The manuals of the current installation can be opened via Start --> Programs --> CADENAS --> Online Help or from within the program directly with F1.

These are saved in your PARTsolutions installation under "$CADENAS/ proghelp/ $CADENAS_LANGUAGE".

Concerning manual updates or providing in another file format please contact our support. Then the manuals can be provided via FTP download link.


The program internal help uses qch files.

Call up the program help via Start -> Programs -> CADENAS -> Online Help or F1.


When you unzip a jar file you get pure HTML.

pdf Optional, e.g. for printing the help
chm Optional, Windows help format. This file does not need an integration in the PARTsolutions installation.

Later installation via CD: In the course of a PARTsolutions update the manuals are automatically updated.