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3.3.1. Basics

  • Only ONE PARTapplicationServer is installed. All clients - regardless at which location - access this one PARTapplicationServer.

  • For shared installations (Client-Server and Multi Site) it is recommended to set up the PARTapplicationServer as dedicated server or virtual machine.[4]

    Special reasons for this are:

    • CADENAS software has to be installed with administration rights. In order not to put already existing software on the server at risk (isolated servers), CADENAS recommends a dedicated server here.

    • In addition performance issues are important: In case of extraordinary frequent queries the server is blocked.

  • The recommended procedure of software installation is to locally copy $CADENAS - the same as with any client.

  • A 64 Bit System is recommended.

  • The user account requires rights on $CADENAS, etc.

  • The communication to AppServer happens via port 9020 and 9021 (also compare Fig. „Architecture of a Multi-Site Installation with PARTapplicationServer“). (For communication via https respective certificates are needed.)

  • The AppServer needs a database connection. The database should be on the server itself or accessible via quick connection.

    The environment variable $CADENAS_DATA controls which data directory is used. At which directory it points, you can recognize on Server state dialog box -> Environment tabbed page. On this see Section, “ PARTapplicationServer Dashboard ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

  • %temp% should have enough space, because there, during Lucene index generation, the index is buffered. Required space size depends on size of installed catalogs and number of roles. Recommendation: Minimum 100-200 GB.

    On the server, the same space is needed once again for the index caching. In case of doubt better include more than less.

  • The PARTapplicationServer (PAPPSERVER) is started as service. The service has to be able to access the CADENAS directories and to connect to the license server. Also see Section 3.3.2, “Set up PARTapplicationServer as service ”.

[Note] Note

More details on the PARTapplicationServer can be found under Section 4.5, “PARTapplicationServer Installation/Configuration” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual.

[4] On this server the CADENAS license server can also be installed. See Section 3.4, “FLM Server Installation - Request/install licenses ”.