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3.3.3. Overview Multi-Site Installation

The following figure shows the architecture of a Multi-Site Installation.

Architecture of a Multi-Site Installation with PARTapplicationServer

Architecture of a Multi-Site Installation with PARTapplicationServer

In the following explanations and further links analogously to the individual components and processes of the figure are found:


The PARTsolutions link database (LINKDB) is set up as additional database on an already existing database server. No further software is needed on the database server.


For the PARTapplicationServer a dedicated server or a virtual machine is recommended.

Special reasons for this are:

  • CADENAS software has to be installed with administration rights. In order not to put already existing software on the server at risk (isolated servers), CADENAS recommends a dedicated server here.

  • In addition performance issues are important: In case of extraordinary frequent queries the server is blocked.

ONE dedicated PARTapplicationServer for all locations is sufficient. All clients fetch the detailed data of the search hits from the central $CADENAS_DATA file server.

On this server the CADENAS license server can also be installed. See Section 3.4, “FLM Server Installation - Request/install licenses ”.

File-Server Head Quarter

  • PARTsolutions catalogs [$CADENAS_DATA]

  • Setup directory [$CADENAS_SETUP]

For the PARTsolutions catalogs and the setup directory a new share on an already existing file server is sufficient. No further software is needed on the file server.

[Note] Note

Catalog administration has writing permission. All other user have only reading permission.

$CADENAS_DATA only exists 1x, in fact for all clients and all locations.

$CADENAS on clients (PARTsolutions software and interfaces)

Software deployment / software updates

In complex installation environments it is recommended not to perform the classic Client-Server installation (see Section 3.2, “Client-Server Installation ”), but to setup an Admin client and then to copy it with software deployment tools already used in the company.

Advantage: Software updates can easy be performed later.

File-Server Secondary Location (Setup directory [$CADENAS_SETUP])

Replication of $CADENAS_SETUP

$CADENAS_SETUP can easily be replicated (cyclically or if needed) from the head quarter to the secondary locations (e.g. with Robocopy, Microsoft DFS or similar tools).

Caching of index files

In order for the PARTapplicationServer to work efficiently, we recommend caching of CADENAS_DATA index files.

RFS or SQUID Caching (optionally)

In order for the data flow between client and server to be optimal, often used data (especially project and ZJV files) can be cached. At large assemblies (also at native parts) in this way the performance can be enhanced.