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3.4.6. Request/Import FLM licenses

[Note] Note

Before you enter a license, please close all running PARTsolutions applications!

[Note] Note

The license (and thus a possibly used license server) has to be available at start up of the PARTapplicationServer, because this one configures its functionality at start up. Subsequent "pulling" of licenses is not possible and provided.

The following describes how to request and import licenses for a MASTER and a BACKUP server.

  1. Under the category License administration select the subpoint FLM server.

  2. Click on Connect....

    -> The Connect to FLM server... window opens.

  3. Select the option Configure freshly installed license server.

    -> Now all FLM servers found in the network will be displayed.

    Under Type and Role you will see the entry PASSIVE.

    [Note] Note

    After the installation, a server is first without special functionality. It is neither MASTER, nor BACKUP. It will be displayed as PASSIVE until you have imported a license.

    See also under Section 3.4.7, “Background information”.

  4. Select the first server (the one, which you want to be the MASTER) and confirm with OK.

    -> Now the server is displayed in the Connected servers dialog area.

    If under Selected server other servers are displayed (because considered as backup server), then select the second server and under Connected servers click on Add backup.

    -> Now the second server is also displayed in the Connected servers dialog area.

    Once all servers to be used have been entered, click on Save....

  5. If you have not yet applied for licenses, you can do this now. Otherwise skip this step.

    Select the tab Request licenses online.

    [Note] Note

    Since you have previously connected with all necessary servers, the IP addresses of the servers are known and have been entered into the form.

    Fill out the form completely and then click on Send.

    As soon as you have received the licenses, continue with point 6.

    If the connection has been disconnected in the meantime, proceed as follows:

    1. Under Connected servers click on Connect....

      -> The Connect to FLM server... dialog box opens.

    2. Here select the Configure existing license server option.

    3. Select the respective server cluster and confirm with OK.

      -> Now the server cluster is displayed in the Connected servers dialog area again.

    In the next step you install the licenses.

  6. If you already have the licenses, import them onto the tab page Licenses.

    Click on Add file....

    In Windows Explorer select the license file and transfer it.

    -> The license file is displayed under File.

  7. Now click on Save....

    -> The license is automatically saved in the correct directory.

    [Note] Note

    Background information:

    In the installation path of the CADENAS FLM server (for example, C:\cadenas_flm) the file start.env is located.

    Please note!

    Although the environment variables of the FLM server have the same name as in the PARTsolutions installation, they refer to different directories!


    The imported FLM license is thus located in the CADENAS FLM server under C:\ProgramData\cadenas_flm\partsolutions\setup\lic\keys, for example.

    If you want to copy the license yourself, please ensure you have the correct path.

    Storage location of node-locked licenses in contrast is in the PARTsolutions installation under %cadenas_setup%!

    -> One computer is now displayed as MASTER, others, if available, as BACKUP.

  8. Now check your license.[10]

    All single packages and license keys should be set to OK and green.

[10] Detailed information is found under Section 5.4, “ Licensing”.