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5.3.5.  FLM server

  • Software server and the V9.03 FLM server don't have to be installed on the same computer.

  • ...you have purchased a node-locked version and no X-F licenses

    Check the License Manager

  • ...directory "$CADENAS_LICENSE" ...registry or environment on the FLM Server computer does not point to the directory in which the current license.cfg or default.cnsldb is located.

  • The service doesn't start or licenses are not found

    [Note] Note

    As of PARTsolutions V9.03 during the installation of the FLM server no registry entries are set.

    Please check, whether still some old entries of a FLM server exist in the registry and if yes, delete them.[17]

  • Service is not correctly installed

    If the service is running even though it is set to not started, please check the above points.

[17] HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> Software -> CADENAS -> Path