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4.8. Update FLM server

[Note] Note
  • The versions PARTsolutions V9.00 and 9.02 can run without problem on the FLM license server of version 8.1.

  • Versions as of PARTsolutions V9.03 can be run with the FLM license server of version 8.1. However, in order to be able to gain access to all new functionalities, it is recommended to use the most recent and up-to-date FLM server as of version 9.03.

  • The FLM server as of V9.03 can also work with old clients (< 9.03 and especially 8.1clients).

  • Currently it is not possible to use the FLM server V9.02 and an older FLM server at the same time on the same computer.

In order to update the FLM server, do the following:

  1. Stop running FLM service: Close license server via Start/ Control panel/ Services/ CADENAS FLM (MASTER).

  2. Remove server from system control: Remove server via Windows Start menu -> Add or remove programs -> CADENAS FLM Server -> Uninstall.

  3. Delete files: Now you may delete these files from your hard drive. The license should - if further used - be saved beforehand.

  4. New installation: See Section 3.4, “FLM Server Installation - Request/install licenses ”.