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3.3.10. Administrative Final-Checking

Before a catalog is allowed to appear on CADENAS end media the first time, an administrative final-checking (so called “Approve”) must be performed from the Head of Project Management in the CADENAS Headquarter in Augsburg. During this check also all important contractual topics will be checked additionally:

  • The Hosting contract is uploaded to the CADENAS Intranet.

  • The Payment Mode is entered in the PARTcommunity Billing Tool

  • The PARTcommunity Contact is classified in the CRM and Maintenance E-Mail Allow was set.

  • The eCAT Champion is classified in the CRM.

  • External Modeller is classified in the CRM (optional).

  • Project(s) existing in the CRM (at least Resp. must be available).

  • Specification Documents are stored in the Customer Workspace.

  • The Publication Data was created according to CADENAS Guidelines.

  • Publication data has passed TestMeta and has QA8.

  • The Publication Data is released by the customer and Release Form was uploaded to the Intranet.

  • Responsibility entered in the root of the Catalog.

  • Catalog delivery with the silver QA Seal.

  • The Tag Cloud Exclusions have been set.

  • Translations are completely entered.

  • Copyright + By-Classifications existing.

Only if all of these criteria are fulfilled, the catalog will get an “approve” for the publication. Because the “approve” is also a technical stored release, not approved catalogs are not able to be shown on CADENAS end media like App, PARTcommunity, etc. and even external ordering is impossible.