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3.3.11. CIP Release Check

Also after the first publication of a catalog, its state will be checked in regular time frames. Some catalogs are more and some catalogs are less frequent in maintenance – this very often does not depend on CADENAS but on the supplier’s will to order or execute the necessary maintenance work. Because of the continuous improvement in the CAD system market and the therefore required adjustment of the CADENAS software, more and more new demands result, which also often require an adjustment of the catalog. If these adjustments were not considered in regular time frames, the catalog may slowly become incompatible.

CADENAS tries to check all catalogs in a time frame of max. 6 months and to protocol the status in a scoring table – at the end a grading from 1 (best) to 6 (worst) will represent the state. If the rating is worse then 3, the catalog creator / supplier will be explicitly informed about the defects. If they were not corrected despite our reporting, we will consider removing the catalog from all our platforms.

Following Points will be tested during the „CIP Release Check“ and stored in a ranking table:

Structure ok? Is the structure build up logical, user-friendly and consistent?
Naming ok? Do the single folders and projects have clear descriptions (NN, NT, etc)?
Previews ok? Do the folders / projects have proper preview pictures? Root folder = Company logo?
Upper/Lower Case ok? Is upper/lower case consistently implemented?
Translation ok?

Is the catalog translation available for all defined languages and without gaps?

For this, in PARTproject, in the root folder, please select "Translate all projects" and check the list for completeness.

Variable Index ok?

Check of Variable search in PARTdataManager

Standards Classification ok? Does the catalog contain a correct Standard classification? (Sometimes those classifications are wrongly pulled.)
"Mass" variable mapping ok? Does catalog support weight information / mappings for min. all fixed article numbers?
Tag Cloud Keywords ok? Are frequently used terms that we do not need hidden (restricted) in search?
Catalog icons ok?

Is the catalog set up correctly regarding the Excerpt, Demo, 2D, QA seal, etc. classification?

Excerpt Case ok?

Has the catalog been classified regarding the "Excerpt" Definition?

Caution: the objective here is not if "Excerpt" is Yes/No, but if the definition is right/wrong.

Categories PRJ ok?

Does the catalog contain a visible <categories.prj> in the root folder? Important as of V9!

Are the classifications "By Categories", "By Countries" and "By Alphabet" correctly entered?

Copyright PRJ ok?

Does the catalog contain a visible <copyright.prj> in the root folder?

Are contact data correctly entered?

Release Notes ok? Release notes created by our demands (what and where modifications are made)?
Variable Desc. / Units ok? Are the variable names chosen meaningful and do they have descriptions and units?
NB/LINA ok? Are NB (standard name) and LINA (BOM name) correctly implemented?
3DB Quality (1-6) How good is the general impression of the modelled parts (school grade 1 - 6)?
Loading ASMs ok? Do assemblies correctly load (random samples)?
Buildup of ASMs ok? Were the assemblies built in the CADENAS scheme (asm-tab, asm-cfg, asm-sbl, dummy.prj)?
Identification type ok? Is the Identification type correctly defined (geometrical attribute, functional attribute, etc.)?
Dimension Drawings (PRAs) ok? Are the PRA dimension drawings executed as scaleable graphics?
Total Rating Total rating of the catalog (school grade 1-6)?

General about the list:

  • With the help of simple question a catalog's quality state shall be determined

  • The question fields have exclusively to be provided with YES / NO / "%" (partly) or "-" (not applicable) (due to filtering)

  • Should comments be necessary, please add these as comment field (red corner)

At the beginning of the list, you can find the following two rows:

Branch Country / branch where catalog creation is essentially conducted, e.g. AGB, WOB, JP, FR, etc. For ext. Cat Workers please enter EXT here.
Current PM

Please enter the initials of the current CADENAS project manager here.

For ext. Cat Workers, name of contact person can be entered here, if known.