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9.8.3. Testing the Assembly Configuration

  1. In the docking window Assembly, click on the assembly's name (here in this example "Hinge").

    -> The starter element is displayed (without picture, as it has no geometry).

  2. Click on the starter element.

    -> The starter element is displayed with red text color, as it is not yet determined uniquely. In the table there are several characteristics, from where you have to select one.

    [Note] Note

    If the table has only one row, the part is immediately inserted.

  3. Select a table row (a characteristic). This step is mandatory, only then the build up process continues!

    [Note] Note

    If in the dialog Assembly properties, the option Append free connection points automatically is activated, the configuration is completely built up (if it is unique).

    -> The connection point is displayed (here in this example "base_dummy"; it is only one, it could be more as well).

    -> At the same time you can see the connection point in the 3D view.

    Green means that there is at least one connection part, but none is yet selected.

    [Note] Note

    If several table rows exist for parts, you can change the characteristic. The depiction in the 3D preview is automatically adjusted. (Not here for the dummy starter part, because it has no geometry

  4. Click on the connection point.

    -> Possible parts are shown on the right. In this case only one is possible.

  5. Click on "wing_1".

    -> The connection point "mitte" and parts available for the assembly are now displayed.

    -> The part is shown in the 3D view.

  6. Click on another part.

    -> The part is inserted.

    -> The connection point is shown in yellow. I.e. there are more parts available for this connection point.

  7. Once again click on the connection point.

    -> Other parts still available are shown.

  8. Insert the next part.

    In the described way, insert all listed parts in the assembly.

    Once the assembly is completed, meaning there are no further parts to insert, everything is displayed in black text color.

  9. In the docking window Assembly, select "hinge_dummy".

    -> The configuration is displayed with table. (Dummy table will be used as assembly table later.)

When selecting a table row the assembly is built up accordingly.

(If there is only one row available, the row selection can be left out and the part is immediately inserted.)

The angularity can be controlled via variable ANG. In above figure 90°.

In the next step a template is created from the assembly configuration.