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Manual  Cip projects in directory

Similarly to CIP catalog, this menu point also served the compression of data. Forwarded per download or transfer, this data can be imported into (other) PARTsolutions installations. However, in this case the project file *.prj, which belongs to the marked directory, will be cipped individually.

Dialog window: Cip projects in directory

Dialog window: Cip projects in directory

  • Menu area Directory:

    Origin directory of the folder to be cipped (marked in the directory tree)

  • Include subdirectories:

    A folder may contain project files and/or other, subordinated folders. If you check this option, the project files of the subordinated folders will also cipped.

  • Menu area Destination directory:

    Destination directory of cipped project files.

  • Menu area Cip Directory: During cipping, *.prj files are assigned to the directory from which they originally came per internal presetting. Should you want to cip the files into another directory that differs from the above mentioned, enter the respective (complete) path in the Prefix field. Only if the option Use name of scanned subdirectory as cip directory is active, can all subordinated project files be "sent to the correct location".

  • Menu area Settings:

    Content: When opening (double-click) a *.cip file, the PARTdataManager starts and the project (part) is displayed. If you set Project Files, the project is created in the PARTdataManager with all corresponding information. The option Calling parameter by comparison, creates only a "key", which opens a part that must already be applied.

    Company key: In this field you must enter the respective license (e.g. CNS2005*Ordner1). You receive the basic and/or catalog license together with the *.cnsldb file.