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5.13.9. Classify threaded connections (own company standards)

In the chapter in hand you will get an overview on classification of threaded connections (e.g. own company standards) in "PCon classification", including the correct arrangement of connection points.

In this way the connections are prepared for the use under PARTdataManager -> Connections, that then a placement in an assembly can be performed.

[Note] Note

In general applies:

  1. The connection points have to be properly created in regard to number, position, orientation and naming (numbering).

  2. The parts have to be classified according to the PCon classification.

In the following all important steps are explained:

  1. Creation of the connection points in PARTdesigner:

    • Position, orientation, number and naming (overview)

      The following figure shows, which connection points have to exist, how they have to be oriented and where they have to be positioned, using the example of a cylinder head screw.

      • IP 2: Top side of head screw

      • IP 1: Contact face of head screw

      • IP 3: Screw end

      Cylinder head screw with connection points

      Cylinder head screw with connection points

      Detailed information on all threaded connections are found under Section, “Connection points at threaded connections ”.

      More information on connection points in general are found under Section, “Connection points for assembly construction ”.

    • Orientation: The top of the connection point (green pyramid) points to the contact face. Further possibly available connection points are oriented in the same way. The long axis corresponds to the X-axis.

      Connection points on the X axis

      Connection points on the X axis

    • The sketch is on a plane vertically to the X-axis.

      Insert the name in the dialog box Change parameter, otherwise leave the settings.

      Sketch in plane Y-Z

      Sketch in plane Y-Z

      Name plus default settings

      Name plus default settings

  2. Classification of the part in PARTproject

    • Call up PARTproject.

    • Select the project to be classified.

    • Select the tabbed page General.

    • In the line Classification (PCon), open the dialog box Classification via double-click on the search button ....

      For the classification of threaded connections you have the following main classes available (with diverse subclasses):

      • Holes

      • Nuts

      • Lock washers

      • Washers

      • Screws

      Select the desired class and assign it via double-click.

    • In the line Attributes (PCon), open the dialog box Class variables via double-click on the search button ....

      Assign the correct variables or fixed values to the individual attributes.

      [Note] Note

      Especially pay attention on the correct assignment of the connection points.

      The name, inserted here, has to match the correct connection point in the part.

      In the example in Fig. „Cylinder head screw with connection points“ the connection point IP1 (the connection point on the screw side) is assigned to the attribute "CD_BOLTSIDE" .

  3. CIP catalog

    • When you cip the catalog please regard that the options Create search index and PARTconnection precalculation are activated.

      [Note] Note

      If you state the value "-1" under Percentage and Absolute fraction, then the search index is calculated for each project line. This may take some time.

      Create search index

      Create search index

      Click on Generate.

      Details on this dialog box are found under Section, “ CIP catalog ”.

    • After successful generation you receive a confirmation message.

  4. Result in PARTdataManager

    Once you open the list field for the catalog selection in PARTdataManager, in the dialog area Connection, you will see your own catalog.

    Activate the checkbox.

    Now the newly created threaded connections are also displayed.

    "pcondemo" catalog

    "pcondemo" catalog

    A detailed description of the "Connections" functions in PARTdataManager is found under Section 3.1.12, “ Connections ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.