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9.7.3. Create index

[Note] Note

Shall the created assembly be visible in the PARTdataManager Part view? If yes, then create the (display) index.

If the created assembly is only base for an Assembly Table Project, then indexing can also be performed finally. As long as no (display) index has been created yet, the configuration is not visible in the PARTdataManager Part view.

You can create the Display index both in PARTproject and in PARTadmin.

  1. PARTproject

    1. Select a superordinated directory.

    2. Click on the button Update index.

  2. PARTadmin

    1. Open PARTadmin -> Category -> Index administration.

    2. Select the superordinated directory of assembly_cfg.prj and in the context menu, select Update.

    3. Close PARTadmin.