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Manual  Save configuration as

  1. In order to save a variant of configuration, in the Configurator menu, click on the command Save configuration as.

    -> An Explorer window is opened.

  2. Under File name, enter a name for the variant and confirm with Save. (File type is Configuration project (*.prj).

    -> A dialog box Save configuration project shows up.

    -> The Name of Assembly file (.asy) is same-named to Configuration project (*.prj).

  3. Enter names in the fields Project name and Shortname.

    These later are found in structure tree and in the 3D view.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    -> The dialog box Assembly properties is displayed.

  5. Fill out the single fields.

    • Description: The name given in the field Description is used as name for the top level folder in the dialog box Configurator and Assembly.

    • Measure unit: Automatically filled out.

    • Author, Description (mandatory fields): If no entries are made here, the window can only be left via Cancel.

    • Last change: Automatically filled out.

    • License key: Automatically filled out.

    The dialog box Assembly properties can be opened via context menu command Properties in the top level element of configuration anytime.