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Manual Sensors

In the following you can see how to classify a Sensor and to check the classification in the Mechatronics Concept Designer.

[Note] Note

Precondition is a current CNS classification. Install it in PARTadmin under Catalog update -> Online -> selection Classifications.

  1. In the Configurator, select the part to be classified in the assembly and open it via context menu command in PARTproject.

  2. Under Project selection, select the 3db file.

    -> On the right under Edit project, a Preview is displayed.

  3. On the feature to be classified (here a connection point), call the context menu command Choose connection point.

    [Note] Note

    At sensors a connection point is used for classification (of the light ray).

    -> All existing classes are displayed below the preview.

  4. In the case of a sensor, select the class under Simulation -> Sensor -> Line.

    -> Beside the selected class the single attributes are displayed.

    In the case of a sensor, please set the following values:

    • Name: Enter a name of your choice.

    • Line Sensor Diameter: Width and height of light ray

    • Line Sensor Length: Length of light ray

      [Note] Note

      If only Line Sensor Length is specified, one-dimensional sensors of type "Line" are created.

      If Line Sensor Diameter is also available in addition, a three-dimensional sensor of the type "Box" is created (NX cannot create cylindrical sensors).

    • Length axis:

      Scroll down in order to see this attribute.

      Value range: 0,1,2 (0 for X, 1 for Y and 2 for Z)

      For the classification of the light ray a connection point is used. The light ray has to be co-directional to the model's coordinate system. However, connection points have their own orientation (their own coordinate system).

      [Note] Note

      Unfortunately PSOL and NX matrices are not conform on the question of orientation. That's why the sensor classification is complemented by a statement of orientation as in the case of conveyor belts and this has to be set accordingly.

      In order to detect the correct attribute value, proceed as follows:

      1. At the coordinate system of connection point, detect the color of that axis, which is co-directional to the axis of the model's coordinate system.

        -> At sensors normally this will be the blue axis.

      2. Detect, which is the blue axis in the model's coordinate system.

        -> This is the Z axis.

      3. For the attribute value of Length axis, set the value 2 (see help text under "Description").

    The values for 3D identification and 3D Filename are automatically set. Metadata may remain empty.

  5. Save your entries in PARTproject.

  6. Export the light gate to NX by clicking on .

  7. In NX under Application -> More open Mechatronics Concept Designer.

  8. Open Physics Navigator.

    -> Under Sensors and Actuators you can see the classified connection point.

  9. In the context menu, click on Edit.

    -> The dialog box Collision Sensor is opened.

    You see, Length, Width, Height and Name have been transferred from the classification.