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Manual Conveyor belts

In the following you can see how to classify a conveyor belt and to test the simulation in the Mechatronics Concept Designer.

[Note] Note

Precondition is a current CNS classification. Install it in PARTadmin under Catalog update -> Online -> selection Classifications.

  1. In the Configurator, select the part to be classified in the assembly (the belt in the conveyor belt) and open it via context menu command in PARTproject.

  2. Under Project selection, select the 3db file.

    -> On the right under Edit project, a Preview is displayed (here in the example in hand the belt).

  3. On the feature to be classified (here a face), call the context menu command Face.

    -> All existing classes are displayed below the preview.

  4. In the case of a conveyor belt select the class under Simulation -> Assembly Line.

    -> Beside the selected class the single Features are displayed.

    In the case of a conveyor belt please set the following values:

    • Name: Enter a name of your choice.

    • Speed: Conveying speed in millimeter per second (mm/s).

    • Direction: Direction vector for conveying. It has to be parallel to the face of the conveyor belt. Set X to 1 and Y and Z to 0.

      Scroll down to see the parameters at the end of the list.

      [Note] Note

      For PARTsolutions the Y axis shows to the "top", however, for NX the Z axis. In the context of MCD this becomes important, because the simulated gravity draws everything in NX-MCD in direction of "-Z". Thereby all exported conveyor belts will be turned on their sides and all objects placed on it will fall aside, instead of being transported, as expected. So please in NX, after export turn the model that its axis oriented to the top (normally Y) has the same direction as Z axis of main model.

      • A model can be a single part or an assembly (such as the conveyor belt).

      • At CADENAS Mechanical parts, the axis showing to the top is the Y axis.

    Values for 3D identification and 3D Filename are automatically set. Metadata may be empty.

  5. Save your entries in PARTproject.

  6. Export the conveyor belt to NX by clicking on .

    [Note] Note

    Turn the exported part in NX as described above.

  7. In NX under Application -> More, open the Mechatronics Concept Designer.

  8. Open the Physics Navigator.

    -> Under Sensors and Actuators you can see the classified transport face.

  9. In the context menu, click on Edit.

    -> The dialog box Transport Surface is opened.

    As you can see, Vector, Velocity and Name have been transferred from the classification.

  10. In addition, place a test object on the conveyor belt and start the simulation by clicking on the “Start” button .