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Manual [Formats] Different paper formats

This element indicates whether and which paper formats are to be made available for this view.

This element is optional and should only be used if different paper formats are truly available.

In the 2D derivation dialog, in the Paper formats list field, select the desired format.

Paper formats: Selection "A4"

Paper formats: Selection "A4"

The following describes how the different paper formats are declared:

Via [ELEMENT_frame] in the template file *.dw the default frame is defined.


Via [Formats], also in the template file, the additional paper formats (frames) are defined.

The input under [Formats] refers to configuration files.

Display name = path to *.cfg configuration file.


The configuration file under [ELEMENT_frame] refers to another dxf file (paper format).


In the *.cfg configuration file, all elements of the sketch view (*.dw) are indicated with their valid geometries relevant for the paper format (height, width, etc.), so that these can be displayed in the new paper format as well.

[Tip] Tip

Copy the content of the template file and adjust the values accordingly.

The following figure shows the storage directory with standard 2D derivations, translation files, configuration files and DXF files.

Section from standard storage directory for 2D derivations

Section from standard storage directory for 2D derivations