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Manual [ELEMENT_frame] Combine more elements in frame

Should more than one single element be combined, the element frame is needed. This is then the parent element for all elements placed on it.

The "Frame" element is declared with "ELEMENT_" followed by a unique identification for the element.



The following attributes are available:

  • type = frame

    Declares element type and is mandatory.

  • dxf

    Provides a DXF frame for the sketch, in other words the elements are projected onto a DXF sketch.

    You must indicate width and height via the DXF sketch. In this case "width" and "height" (see below) must not be explicitly entered. Quite the contrary: If "width" and "height" are indicate, the "dxf" entries are undone.

    [Note] Note

    The corresponding *.dxf file is located in the same directory as the same-named *.dw template file.

    If more than one paper format is made available, several dxf files will be located in the directory and their respective *.cfg configuration files. Compare to Section, “[Formats] Different paper formats ”.

  • translation

    Indicates def file in which the translations for the text elements are located. Compare to Section, “ Translations ”.

  • unit

    Indicates basic unit in which the frame is working.

  • width

    Indicates width of frame. Not used if a dxf is given.

  • height

    Indicates height of frame. Not used if a dxf is given.