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Manual Connection point of single part 2 (Butterfly screw)

  1. In PARTproject, under Project selection -> assembly -> platte_schraube, select the file fluegelschraube.3db and click on Edit.

    -> The butterfly screw is opened in PARTdesigner.

    The connection point is to be placed into the middle of the bearing surface.

  2. Open the context menu of Sketch 4.

  3. Select menu item Edit....

    -> The Sketcher is opened.

  4. Click on the button Insert connection point.

  5. Pull the cursor to the center of the circle of the boring. In this case it is located at coordinate point of origin.

    -> In the history area, the Insert connection point procedure is documented.

    -> The Change parameter window opens.

  6. Enter a Name for the connection point and confirm with OK.

  7. Close the Sketcher by clicking on the button Accept changes.

    -> The connection point cp2 of the butterfly screw has been inserted.

    In the 3D view the spot is again marked by a three-dimensional green triangle .

  8. Save file.

  9. Make changes to the part (dialog box Identification data) and close your file.

    -> All connection points required for the connection are created now.

  10. Close PARTdesigner.

    -> Now a connection is performed with the Configurator.