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3.2.7.  Translation of catalog / Default column

A catalog usually is not translated before all modeling work is done, because only then it is assured that no further items will be added to the translation table of PARTproject. It has to be considered that the fields Catalog created in the language, Default language of catalog and Catalog available in the languages (see PARTproject > Tab General) are set up correctly. In the best practice case the catalog was created in English (see previous point).

After finishing the translation, the column “english” must be copied to the column “default” (it can be decided whether existing entries should be overwritten or not). The default column is used as an important fallback in many of the CADENAS end media. If a catalog should be really not available in English, then another frequently spoken language should be chosen – but the column should never be empty.

[Note] Note

Default language of catalog:

The terms of default column act as fallback. That's why it must be known in which language they are.

Display index and tag lists could use the terms of the default column, for example.

The entry should only be set, if only one language is used for "default" permanently.

Also see Section, “Menu item Settings for the catalog (display on catalog level) ” -> Default language of catalog.

[Note] Note

The availability of languages is specified under PARTproject -> Edit project -> tabbed page General -> Settings for the catalog -> Catalog available in the languages.

Please regard: On PARTcommunity portals PDF datasheets will get their language by the portal language, not by the catalog language. If a language does not exist as portal language, the PDF datasheet cannot by generated in the desired language even though it is available as catalog language.

Other portal languages can only be created in conjunction with Development and Project Management.

On this please contact catalogs@cadenas.de.