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5.12.3.  Image-table connection

For Technical previews (*.pra) in PARTdataManager, create links between image variables and table variables.

  1. Start PARTproject and select a project and then a Picture file (*.pra).

    -> The Preview shows up.

    Activate the command Define image-table-connection in the context menu of the image (right mouse button).

  2. Over the variable to be linked, draw a rectangle with pressed secondary mouse button (here exemplarily R).

    -> The respective dialog box is opened.

  3. Select the respective variable.

    -> Now the connected area is marked with a blue dotted line.

    Once at least one area is linked, over the marked area, the context menu commands Edit image-table-connection and Remove image-table-connection are displayed for a later editing or deleting.

  4. Save project and start PARTdataManager.

    In the docking window Technical details, move the mouse pointer over the linked variable (here in this example R).

    [Note] Note

    Links can be recognized by the changed cursor symbol.

    -> A dark-gray marking in the head of the column in the table, shows the connected variable.