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Manual  Download catalog from server

[Note] Note

Before a catalog can be downloaded from the server, it has to be created on the server with the respective name.

For the catalog name only lower case may be used!

If not yet happened, download the desired catalog from the server one-time.

[Warning] Warning

When performing the command Download catalog from server no same-named directory may already exist! Otherwise simply rename this directory![64]

  1. In the directory tree, at the level of 23d-libs, call the context menu (right mouse key) and under Versioning system, select the command Download catalog from server.

    Context menu on the level of 23d-libs

    Context menu on the level of 23d-libs

    -> The dialog box Select catalog opens.

  2. In the listing select the desired catalog. If a confusing number of catalogs is displayed, use the input field for filtering.

    Dialog box "Select catalog"

    Dialog box "Select catalog"

  3. Confirm by clicking OK.

    -> The dialog box Check out catalog opens.

    -> The catalog is downloaded. Finally the index is updated.

    -> The download process is logged inside the dialog box.

    Dialog box "Check out catalog"

    Dialog box "Check out catalog"

    After successful download the message Ready! is displayed in the dialog box.

  4. Click on Close. Now you can test the catalog in the PARTdataManager.

In PARTproject every catalog has to be set with General -> Settings for the catalog, a QA-Status with value Yes, and a server path. Copy the path from the login dialog.

When the catalog has been initially downloaded from the server, the entry is set by default.

  • QA: If a catalog shall be managed by QA, then you have to select Yes here.

  • Server: If a catalog is managed by SVN this entry will be performed automatically.

Settings for the catalog

Settings for the catalog

[64] A possibly already existing structure may be copied into the managed catalog directory later.