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Manual Rules for connection points

Now the rules will be defined which result in the correct creation of an assembly.

On the connection point () of the dummy part (base_dummy) the Connection part "wing_1" is connected via a Rule to the Connection point "mitte".

  1. Call the command New rule on connection point "base_dummy".

    -> The dialog box Rule properties is opened.

  2. Under Connection part, select "wing_1" and under Connection point, select "mitte".

    Better do not activate the option Exclusive, except you are quite sure that the connection point will be used be only one part.

    Possibly, activate the option Reverse direction, in order to correctly position a part. (In the case of the connection between base_dummy and "wing_1" it is correct, to bring wing_1 into the correct position.)

    Dialog box "Rule properties"

    Dialog box "Rule properties"

    Confirm with OK.

    -> The relation between "base_dummy" and connection point "wing_1" is signalized by an arrow line.

    "wing_1" is the first "real" part in the assembly.

  3. Now connect wing_1 with wing_2 and bolt or alternatively wing_2 with bolts via further rules.

    After all connections are established, the following picture results.

  4. In the docking window Assembly, now build up the configuration by alternating selecting parts in the listing and selecting table rows.

  5. In order to be able to variably control the angularity, do the following:

    At wing_1, call the dialog box Rule properties via context menu of connection point ( ).

    Put the following entry in the area Positioning in the field Rotation:


    The variable "ANG" takes place in the dummy part which will not be exported but the table of the dummy part will be used by the assembly table project. The control of the angularity occurs this way in the assembly.

    Now you can control the opening angle of the hinge with the value range variable "ANG".

    Hinge opened with an angle of 45°

    Hinge opened with an angle of 45°

  6. When opening the assembly configuration in PARTdataManager and then clicking the button Show assembly structure , you can see how parts are connected by rules in a graphic.

    Show assembly structure

    Show assembly structure

    [Note] Note

    Only one part can be added on to the dummy starter-part! All other parts will be added on in the real "geometric starter-part". Otherwise the matings in the CAD system wouldn't work, since the dummy starter-part is not exported.