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Manual Adding assemblies

In the Configurator dialog area, right-click to open the context menu of the Parts directory.

Add parts needed for the hinge via insert part... into the configuration.

  1. Begin with the dummy starter-part "hinge_dummy.prj".

    [Note] Note

    The check-boxes Start element and No export must be activated!

    Enter dummy part

    Enter dummy part

  2. Enter "wing.prj"

    Add the wing twice with 2 different identification and formula names, even if it is geometrically speaking the same part.

  3. Enter part "bolt.prj"

  4. After all parts were entered using the context menu, the following image is shown:

    • Parts

      • hinge_dummy

      • wing_1

      • wing_2

      • bolt

    Configurator window

    Configurator window

  5. Save the assembly configuration via the Configurator menu -> Save configuration .

    The Assembly properties window will open.

    Dialog window Assembly properties

    Dialog window Assembly properties

    [Note] Note

    Leave the Standard name field blank! This will be managed via the assembly table (see above).

    Exception: In case of a subassembly, the "standard description" must be defined!

    General syntax:




    The license-key field can also remain empty.