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Manual Inserting parts

Insert the parts required for the hinge into the configuration.

  1. In the docking window Configurator, in the context menu of Parts, click on Add Part.

    Add Part

    Add Part

    -> An Explorer window is opened.

  2. At first select the dummy starter part "hinge_dummy.prj".

    -> The dialog box Part properties is opened.

  3. Activate the checkbox Start element and No export .

    [Note] Note

    For the starter element the have to be mandatorily activated!

    Insert dummy part

    Insert dummy part

    In older versions, at this place the part color could also be determined. As of version 11 please set color information in the docking window Settings -> tabbed page General -> Color and texture or preferably under Render attributes.

  4. Confirm with OK.

    -> The part icon in the index tree is highlighted in red and thus marked as Start element.

  5. Insert "wing.prj" (leave the default settings in the dialog box).

    [Note] Note

    Insert the wing twice with two different descriptions and equation names, even if it is the geometrically same part.

  6. Insert the "wing_1.prj" (leave the default settings in the dialog box).

  7. When all parts have been inserted via context menu command, following picture emerges:


    • hinge_dummy

    • wing_1

    • wing_2

    • bolt

    Docking window "Configurator"

    Docking window "Configurator"

    -> Below the level of parts you can find the directories Table restrictions, Value range assignments and Conditions.

    -> The "x" shows the connection point's name which has been assigned to the part in PARTdesigner.

  8. Save the Assembly Configuration via Configurator menu -> Save configuration.

    -> The dialog box Assembly properties is opened.

  9. Enter a Description and confirm with OK. The Description will be shown in the docking window Configurator, in the tree, beside the assembly icon.

    Dialog box Assembly properties

    Dialog box Assembly properties