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Manual  Allocate class

In PARTproject, a part shall be classified, that means allocation of classes and attributes, and finally the result shall be displayed in PARTdataManager.

  1. Click on the project file of the part, that you want to classify.

  2. Click on the browse button ... in the Classification ('name') field of the desired classification.

    --> The Classification window opens.

  3. Choose the corresponding class into which the selected part should be inserted.

    [Note] Note

    The search function is helpful to quickly find the correct class.

    1. In the input field, enter the desired search term.

    2. Start the search by clicking on the button Search or by pressing the Enter key.

      -> The results are listed under ID / Description.

    3. Once a result is selected, the tree on the right is expanded and the respective class selected.

      When double-clicking a search result, the class is directly added to the Selected classes area. (Otherwise you need to specifically add it using "Add" .

  4. Assign class (or connection point) per Add button .

    Or double-click on a search result to add it to said class.

  5. Close the window by clicking OK.

    -> The dialog box is closed and the class is displayed on the tabbed page General -> Classifications -> Classification ('name').

  6. Save the changes in PARTproject.

[Note] Note

Only after an Index update in PARTadmin (see Section 1.3.8, “ Index administration ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - Administration Manual) the result will be visible in the PARTdataManager.

General notes:

A classification can be planned for parts or for Connection points.

In case that there are multiple options, before starting the process of assignment under Filter, select the desired option (see Fig. „ Classification dialog box -> Filter “).

  • Classes

  • Connection points

  • Axes

  • Coordinate system

  • Edges

  • Surfaces

  • Sketch


Classification dialog box -> Filter

Classification dialog box -> Filter

At the most classifications there is only the option Classes available.

[Note] Note

In the CNS classification there are different options, especially the option Connection points is often used.

Connection points (geometrical objects) can also be classified in PARTproject, in the Preview. Advantageously is here that you have direct relation to the part.

On this see Section, “Classify connection points”.

The Classification window can be reached via the context menu of the directory tree via Add projects to classification.

For more information see the next section under Section, “ Assignment of classifications and attributes at directory level ”.

The context menu command Add projects to classification is available at project level, as well as at directory level.