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Manual Defining the device orientation

Because the model in the project does not necessarily have the correct orientation for the ECAD programs, it must be rotated manually.

This is achieved by placing a connection point (that will act as the origin point of the new coordinate system) in the 3db and by classifying it as Elektro Alignment Coordsys.

The way the device is mounted (in real life) defines the orientation and position of the connection point.


Parts modelled in eCATALOGsolutions often have following orientation:

ECAD programs place the assembly plane in the XY plane.

  • Z axis = WIDTH

  • X axis = HIGHT

  • Y axis = DEPTH

  • X axis = WIDTH (red)

  • Y axis = HIGHT (green)

  • Z axis= DEPTH (blue)

The orientation in the 3db clearly doesn't match the orientation needed for ECAD programs.

The device rotation is done in the following manner:

[Note] Note

Currently the procedure described in the following has to be done manually; a Wizard for work simplification is under work.

  1. Open the 3db.

  2. Right click on the model, and choose Insert Fixed plane....

    ➝ The dialog box Fixed plane is opened.

  3. Position the plane on the bottom (which will be the mounting surface later in ECAD), so that the outmost point (mostly several) of the part is touching the plane, meaning the part will not cut the plane, meaning the respective side of the bounding box matches the plane.

  4. Now you need to define the orientation of the plane according to the observations made in the steps above.

    1. Base point: State the distance between fixed plane and old zero point (here -6.5).

    2. Specify how to map old to new coordinate system.


      ECAD axis

      Model axis

      Fixed plane (Absolute plane 1)

      WIDTH X Z new X is old Z
      HIGHT Y X new Y is old X
      DEPTH Z Y Automatic

      Fixed plane

      Fixed plane

      The result can be visually verified by checking the orientation of the plane axis.

  5. Place a connection point on the already positioned plane.

    The point should be at the bottom left of the device, respectively to its mounting orientation. The top of the connection point is showing the direction of the negative Z axis (of the new coordinate system).

  6. Classify the connection point that will be used as the orientation point as Elektro Alignment Coordsys. The name, identifier.... are filled out similarly to those of the electrical connection points.