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10.4.14.  QRCode

In this section you can find details on the setting options of QRCode .

  • General: See Section 10.4.2, “General settings”.

  • QRCode:

    • Use URL encoding:

    • Text:

      The information used in the input field Text are embedded in the code.

      The following string is inserted in the text field by default.


      The link points to the b2b portal, the project path and all visible columns are read out.

      • Adjust the link to your company address.



      • You can state any part parameters such as $NN., $NT., $NB., $ALL_VISCOL. (all visible parameters), $ALL_COL. (all parameters), $ProjectPath. (project path) or the part number for example.

    • Foreground color / Background color:

    • Embed 3D preview:

    • Preview: e.g. blank

      You can select from the standard background templates: