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7.11.9.  Copy

Copy creates a copy of the currently marked rows or cells. This copy can be inserted via Paste or Overwrite at any place.

[Note] Note

Using Paste the insertion is performed before the marking.

Using Overwrite the insertion is performed at the marking.

Example: Copy cells

  1. Mark the cells to be copied.

  2. Click Copy .

    -> The copy is temporarily saved in den clipboard.

  3. Select the cell, before which the copy shall be inserted into the table.

  4. Click the Paste button.

    -> The marked cells are inserted before the marked cell.

    [Note] Note

    When inserting certain cells - not complete rows - a new row or several new rows are only created with the marked content of the original table.

Automated filling of table cells

Instead of filling data manually, cells can be filled according to a certain pattern.


  1. Mark the cells to be copied with the help of shift key.

  2. Pull down the marked block with a click on the drag point (small black rectangle).


  • A sequence of the numbers "1,2,3,4,5" is logically continued.

  • A sequence of the numbers "1,2,4,5" is copied in blocks.

  • There are cases where both a logical continuation of a sequence of numbers and a copying as block may make sense. With pressed Ctrl key the marked block is copied, without Ctrl key the sequence of number is logically continued.

    Without pressed Ctrl key:

    -> The sequence is continued by adding 90 in each step.

    With pressed Ctrl key:

    -> The sequence is continued by copying the marked block:

[Note] Note

Above examples are using numbers of Data type "Integer". When using Decimal number the described behavior is identical. Using Text, blocks are copied.