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Manual  Connection Point Wizard

With the help of the Connection Point Wizard you can set connection points on features automatically, either for single ones or for all identical features at once.

Following description shows the procedure with the help of an example:

  1. In PARTproject under Project selection -> context menu of catalog -> Automation call Connection Point Wizard.

  2. Perform following settings:

    1. In the Parts dialog area, all parts available in the selected folder are displayed.

      Select the 3db file of desired part.

      [Note] Note

      For parts in assemblies, connection points can also be set, however, not on assembly level itself.

      When clicking on , the selected part is opened in PARTdesigner.

    2. In the list field, under Selection mode, following options are available:

      • None

      • Connection points

      • Surfaces

      • Connection points and planes

      • Features

      Select Features.

    3. Select the desired feature (here in this example a cylinder).

  3. Now you can set a connection point for the selected element or you can set connection points on all identical features at once.

    • Create Cp.

    • Create Cp (All).

    • Save as template: With this function, you can create and save templates. For this select a feature and then click on the icon.

      -> On the right, the created template is displayed.

      [Note] Note

      If the feature is identical (in the case of cylinders e.g. same diameter), a template can also be used for other parts.

      When clicking on Create Cp (All) as Template top right, you can create connection points based on the activated template.

  4. After click on a function, a dialog box is opened where you can determine the names of the connection points you want to create.

    Naming template: Use the proposal or adjust the expression.


    IP_{NUMBER}      <default>



    Position: Select the option Start, End or Center. The following figures illustrate the usage with the help of a cylinder.







    Name order: Determines the way of numeration, which is according to the priority of 3D coordinates.

    In the following exemplary figure the numeration is according to "XYZ".

    Y doesn't matter, because all points have the same value for Y. The start point "IP_0" has the highest X and Y value. The second point has a X value of the same value, however, a lower Z value, etc. In the second row points with next higher X value follow, beginning with the highest Z value, etc.

    Reverse direction: ... the orientation of the connection point is reversed

  5. Confirm by clicking Ok.

    Following figure shows the state after application of the function Create cp (all) .

    All identical features have been equipped with a connection point.

    All identical features have been equipped with a connection point.

    In the dialog area on the very bottom, all created connection points are displayed.

    After clicking , you can rename a connection point.

    [Tip] Tip

    For this possibly also use PARTdesigner, where you will have better overview.

    When clicking on , the selected connection point is deleted.

    [Note] Note

    Please regard that only the connection point is removed, plane and sketch will remain. (These have to be deleted in PARTdesigner.)

    [Tip] Tip

    If you want to delete all connection points, you can do this faster in PARTdesigner. Simply delete plane and sketch.

Precondition to be able to use this function and for the context menu command to be displayed is that the files cpwizard.cfg and cpwizard.vbb exist under $CADENAS/libs/all/plugins.

The Connection Point Wizard can ideally be used in combination with the plugin Electrical classification import/export.