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Manual  Assignment of classifications and attributes

This chapter would like to assist you in classifying projects.

Classification can be done for different catalog types:

  1. Standard and supplier catalogs

  2. Parts inserted via CAD interface with Own parts library function

    Insert 3D
    Verify if up-to-date
    Execute Geometric Search
    Standard and supplier parts library
    Own parts library Insert
    Connections library Import entire directory
    Embed library into CAD user interface  
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  3. Catalogs created by PLMsynchro

    Detailed information on PLMsynchro can be found under Section 1.2, “ PLM Synchro - Create your company parts catalog” in PARTwarehouse Manual.

  4. Quick&Simple catalogs

    See Section 5.14, “Create catalogs - Quick & Simple ”.

  • A number of functionalities simplify the procedure.

  • Classifications can be conducted at the project and directory levels.

  • After changes the search index has to be updated in PARTadmin -> Index administration, in order for the new assignments to be displayed in PARTdataManager. See Section, “ Index update ”.

    [Note] Note

    The update has to be performed both for concerned projects and for the classification!

  • Own parts can also be classified in PARTdataManager. See below.

  • Class and attribute information of the CNS classification is transferred to the interface (CAD) when exporting.