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7.11.17.  Show variable dependencies

When clicking on the button Show variable dependencies , the dialog box Variable dependencies is opened.

For example, here you can see at a glance that the variables DH, S, B and H are used by the variable NENN.

Color schema:

  • Gray: Attribute algorithm

  • Yellow: Value range variable

  • White: Variable with fixed values

[Note] Note

In order to avoid errors have a look on left right arrows: They will give hints on a recursive algorithm.

The following exemplary figure shows recursive dependency. The Variable Manager shows A=B and B=A. In the dialog box Variable dependencies you can see a left right arrow between A and B. In the 3D History, at affected elements, you can see a red cross , the dialog box Notifications shows an error and the 3D view has no model.

Recursive dependency -> Error

Recursive dependency -> Error

In the dialog box QA check an error message Recursion in algorithm appears.