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7.1. Function

PARTdesigner is a parametric development system for company standards and standard catalogs, which are made available in digital parts catalogs within PARTsolutions or on web-based pages and services.

Its characteristics are outlined below:

  • With the help of PARTdesigner you can create drawings and models for company standards and standard catalogs (2D or 3D).

  • Sketches, extrusions, rotations and geometrical operations lead to fully parametric geometries.

  • Instead of fixed dimensioning values, variables are created which are filled by concrete values from the characteristic attribute tables. The characteristic attribute tables are created and managed according to DIN 4000-1. This method has the advantage that a new sketch must not be made for each part value (characteristic).

  • Due to the open format, especially company standards of larger companies can be displayed in a standardized system.

  • The geometries created in the PARTdesigner can directly be exported to a many different common CAD systems via PARTsolutions interfaces.

Geometries (*.3db files) and characteristic attribute table (*.tab/tac files), in addition with dimensioning images and other information make the so-called Project Files (*.prj files).

[Note] Note

Whether you first create the table and then the related geometry (drawing) or vice versa is of no consequence.