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Manual  Extrude...

If you want to remove an extruded 2D sketch from a solid proceed as follows:

Initial situation: Cuboid created on Plane ZX

  1. Via context menu command New sketch..., open the Sketcher and create a Circle, that is positioned so that it can later penetrate the 3D solid through extrusion.

    [Note] Note

    The 3D view shows the sketch so that you can check here if the position is correct in principle.

  2. In the 3D History under Sketch 2, select the context menu command Cut -> Extrude....

    -> The dialog box Extrusion solid is opened.

  3. Do you want the extrusion to go through the entire body or simply through a certain length?

    In the dialog box Extrusion solid make the respective settings. In the 3D view, you can immediately see the result to be expected.

    In this example the cuboid shall be completely penetrated, which means the extrusion is performed in Both directions with the respective Length.

    -> After confirming with OK both objects are cut. A straight tube is removed from the cuboid.

    -> In the 3D History, another point (feature) shows up: Cut extrude 1.

The explanation of the other fields can be found in Section, “ Extrude... ”.