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Manual  Rotate...

Initial situation:

The sketch is displayed in the 3D view. A rotation axis is chosen.

  1. Via secondary mouse key, call the context menu of the sketch and select the command Base -> Rotate....

    Call: Base -> Rotate...

    Call: Base -> Rotate...

    [Note] Note

    Precondition for a rotation of the 2D sketch is a Rotation axis. If it is not specified yet in the Sketcher an error message will appear when calling the command Rotate....

    The Rotation axis in the sketch is marked with a dot-dash line in the 3D view.

    -> The dialog box Rotational solid is opened.

  2. Determine the criteria for the rotation (Angle, etc.) and confirm with OK. The explanation on the other fields please take under Section, “ Extrude... ”.

    -> The index tree in the 3D History has been expanded with the point Base rotate 1.

    [Note] Note

    Via context menu command Rename, you can change the name. However, use only ANSI characters (in other words: a-z, A-Z, 0-9 and spaces).

    -> In the 3D view you can see that a cylinder has been created from the two-dimensional depiction of the rectangle.