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Manual  Handling
  • Explicit zoom

    With the Zoom all button you bring the display of the part onto a balanced measurement. The part is large enough, but still does not protrude over the 3D view window during rotation. If the option Explicit zoom has been set, the display within the window es maximally enlarged.


    Zoom all without Explicit zoom

    Zoom all with Explicit zoom

    [Note] Note

    This setting is especially recommended in combination with creating a preview.

  • Spacemouse / ball

    In case you have implemented such an "instrument", you can make it available for PARTdataManager via this option.

  • Transparency at rotation :

    When you move a 3D body via mouse key, with a click on the respective mouse button the transparency is turned on. Here you can control the size of transparency.

  • Degree keyboard rotation

    During turning the part wanders stepwise with the adjusted angle value.

  • Animation time : ...defines the time span within which the part changes between the different perspectives.