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Manual  Deletion of projects

Projects (that once have been a part of a published CIP for PARTsolutions) should never be deleted again. Of course projects can be officially rejected by the supplier at times, however, in this case the End-of-Life feature should be used and not the project be deleted.

[Note] Note


If projects have been created as real duplicates several times in the past, TestMeta will show an error, because CNSORDERNO/CNSTYPCODE has to be mandatorily declared, however, is not unique.

In order to correct this error, replace duplicates by link projects. If a link project shall not cover all rows, you can use filters. On this see Section, “ New link ” (subitem Restricted Display and Restricted Display in value ranges).

Before publishing, please perform Edit ERP-Mapping... (see Section 6.10.2, “ Check ERP-Mapping (Add ERP-Mapping... and Edit ERP-Mapping...) ”).

ERP mapping will check, if a project is still available. With activated option Use order numbers to create mappings, a new project will be found and mapped without problems.

Use order numbers to create mappings

Use order numbers to create mappings

Link projects doesn't matter for ERP mapping, only physical.