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3.3.14. Corrections in the published catalog

Despite of all care and QA-processes during the creation process, it can never be 100% guaranteed that there is no error remaining in the data, which could be found by the end-customer (after the publication). In order to fix such an error as quick and efficiently as possible, the PARTdataManager was extended with a Report model problem feature (right click on the related project or the project table line). After filling out of a short contact form and a description of the error, the complete process of correction will be initiated automatically and the progress can even be supervised with the feature Show status of reported model problems in the same menu.

[Note] Note

On this, please review Section, “ Report model problem - Show status of reported model problems ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual.

Errors that lead back (verifiable) to the CADENAS modeling, will be corrected, even if the data was already released by the supplier. But if the error already existed in the supplier’s original data, he must order the required adjustments first. External catalog creators will be informed about any reported problem and are in the duty to take care about the correction by themselves.