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Manual Case 1 - Export 3D part to 3D CAD system

  1. Click on the Export in file menu icon. -> A selection of different 3D export and graphic file formats [103] (BMP, JPEG, TIFF) shows up (see figure).

  2. Per mouse-click, select the format that fits your CAD system the best from the available export formats,for example, the AutoCAD file format DXF 3D.

    Export in file

    Export in file

  3. A window in which you can assign the storage location (File name field) and version status (Version field) of the file shows up. The Documents folder in the User directory is preset. Using the browse ... button, you can open the Explorer window Save as.... Enter a file name an click on the button Save. Close the window with OK.

    Export in ..... format

    Export in ..... format

    [Note] Note

    Please make sure that the file extension (for ex. *.dxf ) is included.

  4. Open the file from your CAD system.

[103] The selection of export formats depends on the respective license.