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Manual  Create previews per line

If you want to provide individual preview images for each table line then you can do this with the context menu command Create previews per line (value range fields are not considered).

Whenever parts of a project differ not only in size but also in form this is a great advantage.

Now, in the search results, you can recognize small differences already in the preview image, what makes part selection without large 3d preview easier.

List of characteristics under "Search results"

List of characteristics under "Search results"

The depiction in the CloudMap profits as well: The t-nuts right and top right would have been shown in one cluster only.

CloudMap with different clusters

CloudMap with different clusters

Furthermore the function is available in Cloud Navigator, Reports and Part comparison.

Technical details

  • Call

    Preview images are created in PARTproject. The standard command for this is Generate image data/preview images further on. On this see Section, “ Generate image data/preview images with batch run ”.

    For the creation of preview images per line use the command Create previews per line.

    Since all graphics should have the same style no settings dialog is displayed at this place and the generation starts at once. When using a 64bit PARTproject the generation happens in several threads in parallel, what results in considerable time savings (especially for large catalogs).

    [Note] Note

    Only preview images which are not available yet or where the "GeomDate" is outdated are created. So only the first generation is time consuming. Furthermore the PARTqaChecker notifies if preview images are outdated.

  • Through the generation two additional files are created per project (.prj):

    • _ppl_0.png

      Overall image with all preview images of the project: On this see next point.

    • .preview

      For each png file there is a configuration file, which stores the information which line corresponds to which preview image in the overall image.

  • All preview images are arranged in one single png overall image. So less memory space is required.

    Preview images are created with transparent background.

    Example for a .png with all the preview images of a table

    Example for a .png with all the preview images of a table

  • Before publishing the preview images have to be created anew, whereby, thanks to GEOMDATE only the changed geometries are created. The QAchecker checks whether all preview images are up-to-date.

  • Compatibility to older PARTsolutions versions is given because in this case the new files are simply not used.