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5.9.7.  Tabbed page Roller bearing

The Roller bearing tabbed page only shows up for project type 2D Roller bearing and 2D/3D Roller bearing.

The individual components of a bearing, i.e. the *.3db files of the Bearing flange and Rollers/balls, are summarized in a rolling-contact bearing project file.

Bearings, rollers and balls must be aligned rotationally symmetrically on the x axis (see illustration) when created in PARTdesigner. It suffices to design one ball or roller since you then need only enter the required total quantity in the Spheres/Rollers per row field and the bearing is completed accordingly.

You can make corresponding settings in the two fields Bearing shape and Bearing type for the sake of achieving a fast overview.

If you wish to add Dimensioning views to the project, enter these in the bottom area of the dialog box.