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5.13.1. Why classifying?

Classified parts have added values in many ways:


  • Better search and find options

    Classified parts can be found in PARTdataManager under Part selection in the "Classification" category.

    • By Alphabet: Alphabetic sorting of catalogs

    • By Categories: Classification according to categories

    • By Countries: Classification according to countries where the respective company sells products and/or has subsidiaries

    • CNS: CADENAS classification used for the CAD integration for example (placement information, published elements and attributes) or order number, type code, certificate information. For details see Section, “Classification (CNS) ”.

    • Delivery Countries

    • eClass: Standardized classification system for product groups and product attributes

      • eClass 4.1

      • eClass 5.0

      • eClass 5.1

      • eClass 6.0

      • eClass 6.1

      • eClass 6.2

      • eClass 7.0

      • eClass 7.1

      • eClass 8.0

      • eClass 8.1

      • eClass 9.0

      • eClass 9.1

      • eClass 10.0

      • eClass 10.1

      • eClass 11.0

    • ETIM (Electro-technical information model) 4.0: Classification designed to meet the requirements of the electrical industry

    • FSF: Classification for Railway

    • ICS (International Classification Standards): International classification system to classify all economic sectors and activities that use technical standards

    • IFC: Classification using an international open standard to describe building and construction industry data

    • IFC4

    • PARTconnection: Connection classification

    • Revit

    • Standards: Standardization system provided by CADENAS. Structured in three parts according to DIN number.

    • Standards BN

    • Standards GN

    • Standards Wuerth

    • UNSPSC: Product classification given by the United Nations. The standard shows an universal classification schema for different product groups for worldwide use.

    • VDI 3805: Building services

    On this compare Section, “Item "Classifications" ” in PARTsolutions / PARTcommunity4Enterprise - User manual. If you created your own classification, it will also be displayed here (see Section 5.13.12, “Apply own Class system ”.

    Classifications in PARTdataManager

    Classifications in PARTdataManager

    Example: If the eClass number is known, you can search with it.

  • In the docking window Part information you can find all information on the single classifications according to which the part has been classified.

    PARTdataManager - Part information

    PARTdataManager - Part information

  • In under Extras --> Settings --> Table, the option Show class variables has been activated (in following example eClass 7.1), the class variables are shown in the respective column headers of the table in addition.

    Show class variables - activate

    Show class variables - activate

    Class variables in PARTdataManager

    Class variables in PARTdataManager

  • Intelligent placing via placement dialog

    On this see Section 5.13.8, “ Classify standard parts for placement dialog ”.

    Selection option: PARTsolutions placement dialog

    Selection option: PARTsolutions placement dialog

  • Transfer of meta information (for example see Section 5.13.10, “Classify Electrical Parts ”)