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Manual Performance
  • Call dialog for parameters after generating:

    Should after every design step the Change parameter window be shown, then you must set a checkmark in the option field here.

  • Show connection point names in working area:

    You can assign names for connection points (see figure) in the Sketcher. Whether you want these names displayed or not, is defined with this option.

  • Show tool tips in working area:

    Shows the tooltips (short info) of the respectively marked sketch element.

  • Use Del key to: The function of the Del key can be determined with two different options.

    1. First set a checkmark in the Use Del key to field. -> The alternative settings can now be adjusted.

    2. Select one of the two options:

      1. Delete element: The selected element is removed from the sketch and a step in the history is noted. You can undo the deletion by removing the Delete element step from the history (right-click, context menu command "Delete step").

      2. Delete step: The selected construction element is entirely deleted.

        [Note] Note

        A reconstruction is only possible if you save the file, without taking over the construction steps / Changes made here (this means all!).

  • Max. number of intersection points:

    This option especially concerns the command Matrix copy , which may lead to a huge number of intersections when creating a lot of copies.

    To every intersection, a certain calculation effort is connected, which requires storage space, which is why a limit for calculated intersections is set in this field. If the set upper limit of the calculated intersections is exceeded, the intersections in the sketch are visible themselves, however their calculated value is no longer accounted for in the system.

    Concretely, this means that the so-called, object snap for intersections can no longer be displayed above the upper limit.

  • Number of decimal places for dimensions:

    Dimension drawings, which you create via New 2D drawing... may contain dimensioning specifications. In this field you can set the number of decimal places of this specification.

    Number of digits right of comma: 3 (example in figure at right)

  • Default dimension text height:

    The height of the characters for the dimensioning specifications can be preset in this field. In the Sketcher itself, you can adjust the set value via the Change parameter context menu.

    Default dimension text height: 3.5 (example in figure at right)