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Manual  Grid
  • The current position of the cursor is shown in the footnote of the Sketcher as a coordinate value.

    In the Width field, set the exactness with which the position of the cursor is determined during the process within the sketch.

    Positioning: horizontal and/or vertical

    • Positioning: horizontal and/or vertical

    • Scalar parameters: scalar

  • Scalar parameters used with variables:

    This option field enables you to set whether scalar parameters for sketch elements and etc. are to catch variable values. Catching in this case means that when moving your cursor across the sketch, all Digits, at which a multiple of a variable value is located, it will be displayed respectively in the footer.

    Tolerance: At which approximation value a scalar parameter is to be "caught", can be defined here.

    Factors: Via this option field you can set the variable multiples, which are to be considered in the grid.