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Manual  PARTdesigner menu item

PARTdesigner menu item

PARTdesigner menu item

  • Dialog area General:

    • Use feature based Sketcher for new sketches: Setting not relevant anymore.

    • Start only one instance of PARTdesigner: If this option is enabled then it is not possible to start several PARTdesigner sessions at the same time.

    • Put decimal place on number block: This option shifts the comma key of your keyboard to dot. That means, when using the comma key you will write a dot. This is advantageously, because writing decimal numbers in PARTdesigner requires dots (3.5 mm) instead of commas (3,5 mm) basically.

    • Automatic zoom:

  • Dialog area Automatic save:

    Once the option Activate is enabled, the geometry is automatically saved in adjustable time frames. Specify the desired interval-Timeframe in minutes.

  • Variablenmanager Farben:

    • Table

    • Geometry

    • In geometry and table

    The colors defined here are displayed in the Variable Manager under Save location (compare).