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Manual  Create document project

You can store documents with additional information in catalog directories (e.g. dimension sheets) (even multiple of different types [PDF, HTML, etc.]). These can then be opened in PARTdataManager or other end media.

The files stored in the background (*.html, *.pdf, etc.) are wrapped in an own *.prj file.

If you want to integrate a PDF file, for example, do the following:

  1. Store a PDF file in the desired PARTsolutions directory with the help of the Explorer.

    A corresponding icon with the same name can also be stored as png file optionally. Alternatively, an icon can also automatically be created (see below).

  2. In PARTproject, select the destination directory for the document project and in the context menu, under Automation, click on the command Create document project.

    Create document project - Call

    Create document project - Call

    -> The corresponding dialog box is opened.

  3. At the desired document type, activate the checkbox. Should the desired type not exist, you can add a new type with the Add button.

    Select document type

    Select document type

  4. The name entered under Description is later displayed in end media (in PARTdataManager, PARTcommunity, etc.).

    [Note] Note

    Important for this is a unique name under Description, in order for the single files to be clearly distinguishable, especially in search results!

    Ideally, already the stored file's name is unique. Then the sole use of the placeholder %fname% is ok.

    Otherwise uniqueness has to be ensured by (additional) free text.

  5. In order to use an adequate icon as preview in PARTdataManager (end media), you have two options:

    • Activate the option Automatically create preview.

    • Or use following entry, for example:


      Enter unique description

      Enter unique description

    • Create directory previews: If you want automatically generated preview images on directory level, activate this option.

  6. Confirm with OK.

    -> A confirmation message is shown.

    Create document project - Final confirmation message

    Create document project - Final confirmation message

  7. Update the display in PARTproject (F5).

    -> The wrapping *.prj file and the preview image have been automatically created. The PDF file stored before is also content of the prj file now.

  8. In PARTadmin, in the category Index administration, update Display index and Full-text search index.

  9. Open PARTdataManager.

    -> The documents are displayed in the Part selection.

    Document projects in Part selection

    Document projects in Part selection

    When double-clicking on the project, the stored PDF document is opened.

  10. Search for the stored files.

    In this example there are document projects in different directories.

    In this example there are document projects in different directories.

    Thanks to the unique name, the documents are clearly distinguishable.