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Manual  Create document project

[Note] Note

For already delivered catalogs, this command is not available. (No installhistory.cfg may be existent.)

Creating document projects means placing different file formats, such as for example *.html, *.pdf, etc., under the "cover" of a *.prj file. In this ways such formats can be integrated into the directory of the PARTdataManager as individual projects.

Let us assume, for example that you want to integrate an html file as catalog help, then proceed as follows:

  1. With the help of the Explorer, set the html file plus possibly a bmp icon with the same name in the desired PARTsolutions directory.

  2. In PARTproject, mark the Destination directory for the document project and open the Create document project menu window via context menu command under Automation.

    -> The same-named dialog box opens.

  3. Click on the button New type , enter ".html" as document type and confirm by pressing the Enter key. --> The fields Description and Preview are activated.

  4. If, as the Description , you enter %fname%, the "fname" of the html file will show up later in the PARTdataManager both in the directory tree as well as in the title of the preview.

  5. In order to set the bitmap with the same name (in this case "cataloginfo.bmp") as the preview symbol in the PARTdataManager, make sure you use the wildcard "%fname%", which in this case must contain the ending ".bmp".

  6. Confirm with OK.

  7. In PARTadmin, in the category Index administration update the index for the new created directory.

  8. Open PARTdataManager.

  9. Perform a double-click on "cataloginfo.prj".

    -> The html file opens and is integrated as new document project.